Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization

Working to create a shared neighborhood.

Mission: To facilitate the revitalization efforts and continue to foster diversity within the Northeast Neighborhood – its residents, businesses and stakeholders – into a safe, vital, cohesive community that preserves its assets and respects the needs of all who reside, work and visit within its boundaries.

Since 2000, the Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization Organization (NNRO) has been a catalyst in the transformation of the Northeast Neighborhood. In the past decade, the Northeast Neighborhood has seen intensive revitalization, with population growth and owner-occupied housing. The NNRO has helped stabilize critical sections of the neighborhood for residential and commercial investment.

This progress has been made possible through the generous support of NNRO Funding Partners including City of South Bend, South Bend Clinic, Saint Joseph Health System, Oaklawn, and the University of Notre Dame, as well as neighborhood residents who generously give their time and talent. The NNRO Board of Trustees has evolved to include a diverse group of organizations and residents that reflects the positive change and growth happening throughout the neighborhood and larger community.

The NNRO is staffed by South Bend Heritage, serving as the operational manager and performing administrative, development, programmatic, and technical support on behalf of the NNRO. 

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2019 Annual Report
NNRO 2.0 Strategic Plan

A Letter from the President of the Board

Dear Friends,

2019 was a year full of amazing accomplishments. I am thrilled to report the NNRO remains strong. I am always inspired by the energy that our team commits to achieving our goals. It takes a tremendous amount of collaboration to do our work and 2019 was a wonderful example of what can be achieved when we come together.

This year the NNRO completed its 50th affordable single family home! It is so great to know that we are helping families realize the dream of homeownership. The economic impact of this milestone is extraordinary and these homeowners are contributing to the long term vitality of the neighborhood.

After a fruitful capital fundraising campaign, we also hosted a groundbreaking at the Historic #7 Firehouse. We are excited to see this great old structure sparkle again next year! The University of Notre Dame and neighbors also broke ground on the new Robinson Community Learning Center. We can’t wait to experience what will be a gorgeous educational environment.

The board also began re-imaging the next five years for the NNRO and how our work might adapt to new challenges. We were excited to welcome several new board members to this strategic planning effort we are calling NNRO 2.0. I am also delighted to officially welcome Oaklawn Psychiatric Center as a 2020 NNRO funding partner. Oaklawn has a long history in the neighborhood and we are so excited to have their support as we move into a new decade.

2019 was another awesome year. We are eager to start 2020 with new partners and a re-energized focus on helping our neighbors. Thanks for you all you do!

tim sexton, nnro board president

CURRENT projects

historic firehouse #7

The Historic Firehouse 7 Campaign is a group of individuals who have joined together to preserve a neighborhood asset and anchor in the community. 

NNRO 2.0: Engaging community

NNRO 2.0: Engaging Community is a strategic plan that focuses on resident wellness, affordable housing, and economic empowerment.

702 St Louis Blvd

A brand new home is being constructed at 703 St Louis Ave. This home will be available for purchase in 2021 for qualified buyers.