Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization

Mission: To facilitate the revitalization efforts and continue to foster diversity within the Northeast Neighborhood – its residents, businesses and stakeholders – into a safe, vital, cohesive community that preserves its assets and respects the needs of all who reside, work and visit within its boundaries.

Since 2000, the Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization Organization (NNRO) has been a catalyst in the transformation of the Northeast Neighborhood. In the past decade, the Northeast Neighborhood has seen intensive revitalization, with population growth and owner-occupied housing. The NNRO has helped stabilize critical sections of the neighborhood for residential and commercial investment.

This progress has been made possible through the generous support of NNRO Funding Partners including City of South Bend, South Bend Clinic, Saint Joseph Health System, Oaklawn, and the University of Notre Dame, as well as neighborhood residents who generously give their time and talent. The NNRO Board of Trustees has evolved to include a diverse group of organizations and residents that reflects the positive change and growth happening throughout the neighborhood and larger community.

The NNRO is staffed by South Bend Heritage, serving as the operational manager and performing administrative, development, programmatic, and technical support on behalf of the NNRO. 

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A Letter from the President of the Board

Dear Friends,

When I joined the founding NNRO board in 2000, I was so impressed with the partnership of neighborhood residents and community institutions, and I’ve become even more amazed over the years. It has been a privilege to serve, and as President for the last eleven years, I am well aware of the commitment required to carry on such important work. I’m especially thankful for my fellow board members in guiding me forward in this great endeavor.

The year 2020 was heart-wrenching. So many families, community organizations, and businesses had to adapt to new circumstances. In light of an array of changing realities, the NNRO spent much of 2020 developing an enhanced vision for the organization.

With the assistance of South Bend Heritage, neighborhood residents and NNRO funding partners developed NNRO 2.0: Engaging Community. The plan reflects a shift in organizational focus, aiming to directly assist residents with their wellness and economic empowerment. The plan also intensifies the NNRO’s effort to preserve and develop affordable single-family and rental housing in the neighborhood. While all of our pipeline projects advanced throughout 2020, board members become much more involved in NNRO 2.0 initiatives through various committee activities.

I am so thankful for the ongoing financial commitment of our partners. Oaklawn is celebrating its first year as a funding partner and we are thrilled! We also join our new homebuyers in thanking the City of South Bend, the St. Joseph County Housing Consortium, and Lake City Bank for their commitment to funding much needed affordable housing in the neighborhood.

The NNRO partnership is very special. It requires trust and time to do collaborative neighborhood revitalization. In this annual report we are all so grateful to be celebrating 20 years of amazing accomplishments! I am honored to be welcoming Lisa Wine, South Bend Clinic’s CFO, as the new board President. She is a tremendous leader who will be a steady hand on the wheel as we emerge from the pandemic. We have more important work ahead of us that will help neighbors and ensure the Northeast Neighborhood is a home for everyone.

tim sexton, nnro board president

CURRENT projects

historic firehouse #7

The Historic Firehouse 7 Campaign is a group of individuals who have joined together to preserve a neighborhood asset and anchor in the community. 

NNRO 2.0: Engaging community

NNRO 2.0: Engaging Community is a strategic plan that focuses on resident wellness, affordable housing, and economic empowerment.


A brand new home is being constructed on Turncok Ave. This home will be available for purchase in 2022 for qualified buyers.