Colfax Campus Gallery

914 Lincolnway West
South Bend, IN 46616

Monday – Friday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

The art galleries were established in 1983 and are owned and curated by South Bend Heritage (SBH) and the Colfax Gallery Committee, which includes local artists and art educators. The art gallery spaces include three primary areas: the Robert Seifert Gallery, the Court Gallery, and the Paper Room. Since opening, the galleries have hosted a variety of art receptions, performances, and presentations, such as Art & Social Justice, Poetry Slam, and the Middle School Exhibition, representing hundreds of local, regional, and national artists.


SBH strives to ensure that the Colfax Cultural Center Art Galleries fulfill the commitment noted below. As such, please know that the galleries may contain content which some individuals, groups or organizations may find offensive, controversial or distasteful. SBH strives to locate art in gallery space that accommodates each artist and individual exhibition. If you are a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that the gallery content is suitable for your child to view. If you think that you or others you are responsible for may be offended by the content in the galleries, you should not access them.

SBH Colfax Cultural Center Art Gallery Commitment

Freedom of speech is the foundation of our communities and our nation. The works this organization exhibits may awe, illuminate, challenge, unsettle, confound, provoke, and, at times, offend. South Bend Heritage defends the freedom to create content and exhibit such work anywhere in the world, and we recognize the privilege of living in a country where creating, exhibiting, and experiencing such work is a constitutional right.

To exhibit a work of art is not to endorse the work or the vision, ideas, and opinions of the artist. It is to uphold the right of all to experience diverse visions and views. If and when controversies arise from the exhibition of a work of art, South Bend Heritage welcomes public discussion and debate with the belief that such discussion is integral to the experience of the art. Consistent with our fundamental commitment to freedom of speech, however, SBH will not censor exhibitions in response to political or ideological pressure.

Elizabeth Leachman
Colfax Gallery Coordinator

2021 - 2022 Season Opens

September 10 - October 15 - Featuring the SJV Watercolor Society

2021 - 2022 Season EXHIBITIONS

Community Arts Organization

September 10 – October 15, 2021

Featuring art from the Watercolor Society

September 17 | 6-8 PM

On exhibit #1

November 5 – December 17, 2021

Featuring local artists Laurie Rousseau, Larry Boyne, Alison Sumrall



January 14 – February 25, 2022

Featuring local artists Michelle Engel and Niktaria Mattheos


Middle school exhibition

March 11 – April 22, 2022

Featuring art from SB Community School Corporation students in grades 5-8.



May 6 – June 17, 2022

Featuring local artists Kimberly DeNolf, Ruth Andrews, and Janice Martin


art & social justice

July 2 – August 13, 2022

A juried exhibition showcasing art that exhibits the theme of “Social Justice”.