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Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit, community-based partnership of volunteers from local government, businesses, and other nonprofits, that rehabilitate the homes of low-income, disabled, or elderly homeowners and improve neighborhoods.

On two April Saturdays each year, approximately 1,000 skilled and unskilled volunteers join together to make repairs to around 15 homes in a selected St. Joseph County neighborhood. All repairs are completed at no cost to the homeowner.

South Bend Heritage began its partnership with Rebuilding Together in 2014 and now provides staff support to assist in client solicitation, client selection, and coordination of volunteers for home repairs.


For a home to qualify for repair assistance through Rebuilding Together, it must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The home must be located within the year’s targeted project area.
  • The home must be a single-family, owner-occupied unit (rental homes are not eligible) and be the applicant’s primary residence.
  • The total income of all household members must fall within set federal limits.
  • The home must be insurable under a homeowner’s policy.
  • The home must have current property taxes.

Additional restrictions may apply.

Priority is given to elderly (over 60 years of age) and disabled homeowners.