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For over 40 years, South Bend Heritage has been making a positive impact across our city. By serving the
South Bend community with housing opportunities, financial and homeownership education, arts initiatives,
and partnership projects, we are improving lives everyday.

We’ve relied on generous and passionate donors like you to ensure that we can pursue these vital community
initiatives. It is because of your support that we are able to continue to advance important programs and
projects that help make South Bend stronger. 

There are many ways to donate to South Bend Heritage:

  • Make a contribution to any of our projects or general fund using the online donation form.
  • NAP Tax Credits: make a donation and receive 50% of your contribution amount in tax credits.
  • Use to support SBH with your Amazon purchases.
  • Create a fundraiser on behalf of SBH on Facebook.
  • Donate via Tiltify to conveniently contribute while using Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media.
  • Donate materials and labor in-kind.
  • Support the work we are doing simply by telling your friends and family about us!

Questions about donating? Contact:

Elizabeth Leachman
Director of Marketing & Strategy

South bend heritage

 South Bend Heritage relies on supportive and passionate donors to ensure that we can pursue vital community initiatives. The general fund allows us to advance critically needed programs and projects that help make South Bend stronger. Donations help us continue to build and rehabilitate homes, offer programs for youth, seniors, and people experiencing homelessness, and bring  investment to our neighborhoods.

charles martin
youth center

Donations made to the Charles Martin Youth Center support the daily operations of the Community & Youth Center, including youth development programs, leadership initiatives, and critical events and programs. The Charles Martin Youth/Community Center is also home to the Augustus F. Hawkins Literacy Center, a program that is aimed at helping students who struggle to read at grade level.

Jeff Gibney
Mission Fund

The Jeff Gibney Mission Fund was established to honor Jeff Gibney’s vision for community building. His unique approach to neighborhood revitalization brought a number of long lasting improvements to South Bend. The Jeff Gibney Mission Fund supports various types of special projects and community building activities that Jeff would identify as important for the good of community.

Audrey Gilbert Ratner Housing Fund

The Audrey Gilbert Ratner Fund supports the development and preservation of affordable holistic housing for women and children in the community. Audrey Ratner was raised in South Bend, and the Fund is guided by her deep commitment to ensuring that a home is more than four walls. It is a space where women and their families can feel safe, nurtured, and empowered to realize their full potential.