Oliver Apartments

Homeless no more.

In the fall of 2017, South Bend Heritage opened Oliver Apartments to house homeless individuals in South Bend. Located on the old Oliver School site at Indiana Ave and Kemble Street, Oliver Apartments features 32 one bedroom, one bath apartments. Oliver Apartments is designed to offer individuals that are homeless a place to live and access supportive services. The apartments are managed by Bradley Company and supportive services provided by Oaklawn and Indiana Health Center.

Oliver Apartments was awarded the 2018 Lt. Governor’s Excellence in Affordable Housing Award in the Special Needs category by  Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA).

I was at the Center, I lived in a garage. I just made do. I never imagined being this age and for something like that to happen. I had nowhere to go ... I am so grateful and thankful for Oliver Apartments.
Oliver Resident


    • Supportive housing improves housing stability, employment, mental and physical health, and reduces active substance use. People in supportive housing live more stable and productive lives.
    • Supportive housing costs essentially the same amount as keeping people homeless and stuck in the revolving door of high-cost crisis care and emergency housing.
    • Supportive housing helps build strong, healthy communities by improving the safety of neighborhoods, beautifying city blocks with new or rehabilitated properties, and increasing or stabilizing property values over time.
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