Meet Our Team

The team at South Bend Heritage is a diverse and well-rounded staff that is committed to enhancing our neighborhoods and engaging with our community members and residents. In addition to our core leadership team, SBH is committed to maintain diversity and inclusion across the contractors and companies we hire. 

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For accounting, email

Do not send unsolicited or commercial/product emails to individual team members.

Marco Mariani

executive director

Brandon Gerlach


Kristin Givens

Director of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives

Rosie Leyva

director of property management

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Teresa Gilbride

accounting & programs specialist

Patrick Lynch

architect / project manager

Safa Saddawi

senior project manager

Maria Velazquez

PROPERTY MANAGER: Washington-dunbar homes
& New Heritage Homes se

Gloria Murphy

Property Manager: Robertson's senior apts.
“Team work makes the dream work!”

Tanesha Scruggs

Rushton Senior Apt, Gemini Apts & Scattered Sites

Jackie Martin

charles martin youth center literacy coordinator

Gladys Muhammad

Community liaison - volunteer (retired)

Brian Martin

Maintenance Technician

“If I can help someone along the way, then my living is not in vain.”

Kevin Colbert

Maintenance Technician

Sydney Forrester Jr.


Anthony Clark


Julio Bermudez

Maintenance Technician

Victoria Bedford


Javon Scruggs

resident assistant, oliver apartments

courtesy officer, robertsons senior apts

Tim Watson

resident assistant,
hope avenue homes