Creating a thriving, safe, and united community.

South Bend Heritage Foundation (SBH) is committed to enhancing the community for all residents. Through events, partnerships, and special programs, SBH supports every residents in a positive and meaningful way. The Charles Martin Youth Center is a great location for events and houses the Literacy Center. The Colfax Campus Gallery offers a unique space for viewing art in an urban area. SBH hosts several events throughout the year, as well as partners with many community organizations to support events and other initiatives. 

“I love the sense of community and the collective energy when people come together to celebrate, share, discuss, honor, learn...”

Bonny Hoover

The annual Martin Luther King Jr Celebration is a community favorite, honoring Dr. King’s legacy to diversity and inclusion in all communities and neighborhoods. ​Going into it’s 35th year, the momentum has not slowed down as community members come together to reflect on civil rights and justice.