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Vacant & Abandoned: Another One Bites the Dust

Vacant and abandoned for several years, the house located at 912 W. LaSalle Ave bordered the West Washington Historic District surrounded by neighbors who invested in their properties, who cared about their neighborhood and wanted to see improvement and change.

Supporting the City of South Bend’s effort to tear down 1000 homes in 1000 days, South Bend Heritage tore down the home sitting at the corner of Seebirt Place and W. LaSalle Avenue this week. Like many vacant and abandoned properties, the home went through a variety of owners and renditions in its life before finally becoming uninhabitable.

The background work that goes into acquiring and tearing down an abandoned home is extensive. From researching property owners to obtaining an environmental study, the costs for all of these services often total between $6,500-$10,000. However, the benefits of demolishing even one home can help improve drastically improve a neighborhood.