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Colfax Campus Gallery

Colfax Campus Gallery

Showcasing Neighborhood Artists!

Oil on Canvas by  Harry Ahn


The Colfax Cultural Center is one of four buildings on the Colfax Campus. It is a former elementary school that was built in 1898. In the early 1980s, it was purchased and renovated by South Bend Heritage, a community development corporation serving the surrounding urban area. The building has three exhibition spaces that are managed by a gallery committee of area artists and art educators. Many diverse groups hold their meetings in these same spaces. As a result, new and fresh audiences, along with seasoned gallery patrons, respond to the changing exhibitions. 

Once called the Genesis Gallery, the Robert Seifert Gallery is in a room that used to be a class room. It was renamed to honor the first gallery preparator who hung the exhibitions over 18 years. Many meetings are held in this room.

The Court Gallery is the main hall of the building and now is used as a waiting area for the tenants of the building. The wood sculpture of an alligator stands prominently in this gallery and delights the children.

The Paper Room is a space that is one half of a former classroom in size. The exhibitions here are more intimate. It doubles as a conference room.

The Exhibition Season

There are a number of community arts organizations in the South Bend area which are always looking for exhibition space for its members. The Colfax Campus Gallery offers its space to one of these organizations each year.

Once called the Annual Middle School Exhibition (grades 7 & 8), it was renamed when the South Bend Community School Corporation reorganized itself into Primary Centers (grades 1 – 4), Intermediate School Centers (grades 5 – 8) and High School (grades 9 – 12). Students from all 10 Intermediate Schools participate in this exhibition.

“Art and Social Justice” was the title of a joint exhibition of work by local artists Jake Webster and Douglas Kinsey. The theme, a socially just world, is particularly reflective of South Bend Heritage Foundation’s mission  it inspired this annual juried exhibition. It calls artists from 4 states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

This series of exhibitions represent the current work by area artists who live and/or work within a 50-mile radius of South Bend. There are usually 3 “On Exhibit” exhibitions each gallery season. Each exhibition shows the work of three individual artists.

The Current Exhibition

Event Description:“The first of three exhibits featuring artists who live and work within 50 miles of South Bend”

Reception: Friday, November 2, 2018, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: November 2 through December 14, 2018.

Location: Colfax Campus Gallery hours: Mon – Fri 9-1. Sat 9-1

914 Lincolnway West South Bend, IN 46616

“How I became the Artist I am Today” reveals the journey 5 local artists have traveled to the present.

Helen Geglio received her BFA in studio art from the University of Michigan and also holds an MS in Education from Indiana University. In her work as an artist, she creates fiber and mixed media artworks, and has been represented in local, regional and national exhibits. Most recently her work has been selected for Artist as Quiltmaker 2018, Quilt Visions 2018, New Legacies Contemporary Art Quilts 2018, Quilts=Art=Quilts 2018 and Quilt National 2015.

Danny Graber has worked in photography over the past five decades. His passion is capturing snippets of peoples’ lives, culture, and stories. Danny studied under the direction of various professional photographers, starting in the long, mostly-forgotten darkroom. Danny believes a photograph should evoke a sense of emotion and spirituality.

Kay Westhues is a photographer and folklorist who is interested in documenting the ways in which rural tradition and history are interpreted and transformed in the present day. Through her work she aims to describe the vitality and complexity of places and people whose lives are often overlooked and unexamined.

Todd Hoover has been fascinated with photography as an art form for over 40 years. While using his camera, Todd strives to create images that have never been seen before. Todd wants the viewer to contemplate what they are seeing when they view his art.

Nathanael Anderson believes art serves many functions: its ultimate utility is a form of propaganda. Nathan believes our society is saturated with propaganda at every turn. Some propaganda is used to resist and Nathan believes his art belongs in this category. Nathan’s work addresses social and economic disparities, with an increasing focus on continued human existence.

Contact: Diana Jones, Gallery Coordinator 574-289-1066 ext. 1212 


Deadline for applications on Sept. 24, 2018; Notification of results by Oct. 5, 2018

 CALL FOR ENTRIES for 2018-2020