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We’re so pleased to be able to share with you the 2015 South Bend Heritage Annual Report!

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2015 South Bend Heritage Annual Report

Robertson’s Resident Steve Alpert talks about why he loves living at Robertson’s! Steve is featured in the Annual Report and gave a great interview!

Thanks, Steve.

Steve’s Full Interview!

Steve Alpert has lived at Robertson’s Apartments since June, 2015, after needing to downsize from his split-level home.

For Steve, one of the major components of choosing where to live was the proximity to events and activities. “I love being downtown and Robertson’s offered me more places to walk to than other Senior communities. I love being surrounded by architecture, seeing the facade of the State Theater out my window, and the proximity to other buildings along Michigan Street and Jefferson Blvd. You can walk to Century Center, the Morris Performing Arts Center, the South Bend Museum of Art, the County-City Building, and the Main Branch of the Public Library,” stated Steve. “What’s interesting about being downtown is that not only do you have places to walk to, you also have events to walk to, such as Art Beat and First Fridays, and they’re all right outside the door,” Steve continued.

Because Robertson’s is an Independent Living facility, some residents still drive. For those who do drive, Robertson’s residents can pay a small additional fee and park in the same garage used in the Robertson’s Department Store days, with a covered walk-way between the garage and the building. “This means that not only is your vehicle protected from the weather, but that you don’t have to go outside to get between your vehicle and your apartment. This option is not available at most other living places, regardless of the price, and can be a very important factor in making a decision of this type,” Steve observed.

When talking about some of the most important aspects of living at Robertson’s, Steve spoke of the value of having neighbors. “I had surgery in December. It was so much easier recuperating here than in a house. The neighbors here care about each other. After my surgery, one of my neighbors saw me taking a bag of trash to the trash room, so without even asking, she took the bag from me and took it herself! Another of my neighbors saw me in the hallway with my jacket on and me asked where I was going. I told her I was going to Madi’s Market downstairs to buy some things. She took my money, went to get the items herself, then brought them back up to my apartment for me! You don’t get that in a house. You can’t get that in a house, because there are often no close neighbors who care and there’s certainly no Madi’s Market right downstairs!”

Steve went on to describe how after having leg surgery, long-time Robertson’s Maintenance Tech, Brian Martin, gave him a wheelchair and a walker to use while he recuperated. One of Steve’s neighbors saw that the wheelchair had no footrests, so he gave him the footrests from his own wheelchair that he longer uses! “Living here removes a lot of the rough edges about getting older, because you don’t have to do it alone,” Steve stated. “I feel happier about myself being here than I ever did in my house.”

One last item Steve mentioned was the abundance of activities at Robertson’s, provided by the Resident Life Initiative. “Bill Weeks, Resident Life Coordinator, does a fantastic job providing fun, interesting, and wide-ranging activities for residents to enjoy. In addition to our regular weekly Friday morning “coffee and treats” gatherings and the various health seminars that residents are offered, we also take day trips around the area and celebrate birthdays and holidays with monthly birthday lunches and special holiday meals. For Christmas, our building management gave us each a big gift bag full of beautiful and thoughtful items useful to people our age. For some people, these might be the only celebrations residents have for these important life events,” Steve concluded.